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he North West Alabama Junior Chamber of Commerce is a new energetic group of young concerned Shoals Area Citizens. We are committed to working with businesses and local governments to provide training, events and services needed in our area.

In our community of over 100,000 people with tastes ranging from mud riding to Shakespearian Theater there needs to be a group where everyone can be a part. We are that group. Diversity is the key ingredient in our chapter. Every new member has the chance to explore in their own direction with the help of the other members making dreams come true. If there is a lack of experience in a certain area then that will be researched and the knowledge shared so that all may benefit.

We are not just another civic organization. By being a part of the Junior Chamber of Commerce we will train you to become a more proficient writer, a public speaker, a better employee/employer, an entrepreneur, we accomplish these tasks through seminars and competitions and most importantly through community service. Our community service projects are some of the most influential in the nation, we don't have big public relations pushes but we do touch lives. As this web page grows you will have the opportunity to read some of the stories gathered over the years about the organization and who knows maybe you will even have one to tell.

The Florence Conference Center one of the many resources our area has to offer.

"tastes ranging from mud riding to Shakespearian Theater"

O'Neil Bridge the main traffic corridor connecting the Tri-Cities with Florence, AL

A local attraction, Muscle Shoals was known as the recording capital of the world.

To contact us:

Phone: 256-740-0255